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Texas Longhorn History

Prototypes of Texas Longhorn started somewhere between 6,000 to 9,000 years ago on the northern and western Black Sea Shore. From there they went East and then turned back came through the great deserts through the middle east and then spread throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa. In a Minoan, Knossos palace, there is a 5,000-year-old painting of what closely compares to a Longhorn. Columbus and Spanish settlers brought Longhorn to the Americas in about 1493. These Longhorns thrived in the harsh semi-arid climate of Mexico and South Texas. Indian raids, diseases and harsh elements destroyed the Spanish settlements, increasing herds of wild cattle that roamed the country forming the genetic base the American ranching industry and the Longhorn breed. Natural selection for almost 500 years in the desert environment of the Southwest produced today’s Texas Longhorn Breed.

Texas Longhorn history is far more complex than what is written here. This information demonstrates how well these cattle are likely to thrive in Israel and other countries whose environments are harsh with semi-desert conditions.

This short historical paragraph relied on information from several articles that are far more detailed. Texas Longhorn: Forgotten Breed with A Bright Future, by Mary Lou Harrsch and Cattle and Civilization: The Epic of the Longhorn, by Michael M. Fennell. Darol Dickinson of the Dickinson Cattle Co, our Texas Longhorn embryo supplier can also provide a great deal of information about Longhorns at: