Israel Longhorn Project

Help bring Texas Longhorn Cattle home to Israel
A 501c (3) Non-Profit

For more information, contact:
Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc., (650) 631-9270


A Short Budget Analysis

Starting with 175 embryos, the project will be self-supporting by year 5. To do this we would need $256,000 to start with and $312,000 through the 2nd to the 4th year. In the 5th year the project should be self-supporting.

The project must demonstrate that Texas Longhorn cattle can economically support the typical Israeli farm family.

We will give limited help while we work toward our goal of self-sustainability in year 5 of the project. Then we will be able to give full help to all of Israel’s ranches.

The Texas Longhorn cattle project will remain a non-profit institution supporting cattle development and improving cattle management in Israel.

The priority item in the proposed budget is funds to acquire the embryos. That by is self will allow us to start the project.

Setup Expenses for 175 Embryos


Cattle Production with 175 Embryos


Income/Expenses for 175 Embryos


Yearly Operational Costs


Table 6.2 Monthly Consumption Expenditure per Household by Population Group and Number of Persons in Household in 1,000 of NIS, Shekals. Israel office of Statics, 2011. Consumption of Frozen meat has declined.


Total income before Expenses


Income with Expenses