Israel Longhorn Project

Help bring Texas Longhorn Cattle home to Israel
A 501c (3) Non-Profit

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Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc., (650) 631-9270


Israel and East Africa face a serious environmental and agricultural problem. Beef cattle are failing to thrive in their desert environments. This is a self-sustainable nonprofit project.

Israel is now raising America’s finest beef cattle, plump, docile European breeds. Adapted to temperate grassy plains, they were put into Israel’s hostile desert environment where there is little or no grass. This resulted in beef cattle with poor disease resistance, genetic diseases and high losses due to predators. It also caused higher feed costs, as these cattle cannot eat the non-native invasive shrubs, or invasive cactus in Israel, high calf losses as high as 30% and low reproduction rates, poor mothering skills and high rate of birth complications. Due to the high losses, more cattle are required on pasture and more pasture is required to compensate for the losses, causing more environmental damage. Israeli beef cattle are in “long term decline in production efficiency.” States a researcher from Israel’s Agriculture Department.

Our Mission

We first help Israel by introducing a viable breed of beef cattle that can fit and can thrive in their semi-desert environments. That breed would be the Texas Longhorn.

  1. First we demonstrate through scientific experiment that these cattle can do better in Israel’s semi-desert environment.
  2. Then we teach the ranchers how to work with these cattle.
  3. Then we donate cattle to these ranches to help them.
  4. We will create a self-sustainable herd to continue our work without requesting more donations.


  • Can eat invasive shrubs and cacti, which are overwhelming the Galilee
  • Have higher reproduction rates and very low loss rates
  • Have excellent calving and mothering abilities
  • Can go further and longer with less water
  • Solve the problem of rising feed costs
  • Protect their calves from predators
  • Are highly resistant to diseases

Texas Longhorn will decrease calve and cattle losses allowing ranchers to use less cattle and less land to raise enough cattle to support themselves and their community.

We will help Israeli ranches.

Israeli cattle may only need to be crossbreed with Texas Longhorn to fit better into their environment.

This nonprofit is structured to self-sustainable in the fifth or seven year supporting itself from cattle production. This is the structure we will encourage Africans participants to adopt.

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