Israel Longhorn Project

Help bring Texas Longhorn Cattle home to Israel
A 501c (3) Non-Profit

For more information, contact:
Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc., (650) 631-9270

Non-Profit Board

Our nonprofit board is made up from a cross section of scientists, farmers, environmentalists and businessman.

  • Robin Rosenblatt: M.Sc, Pres. and CEO
  • Dr. Israel Bruckental: Chief Scientist, Israel’s Agriculture Extension Department
  • Arieh O’Sullivan: Business Manager
  • Yaron Saporta: Nonprofit CPA
  • Oren Gabai: Naturalist and Management Consultant

Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc.: Manager and coordinator of the project: I discovered the problem and created its solution. I have B.Sc. in Animal Science from California State University Fresno and M.Sc. in Animal Science from Hebrew University Rehovot, Israel. Worked as a cowboy, horse wrangler, horse trainer, trail guide, equine assisted therapist and horseshoer.

Dr. Israel Bruckental Chief Scientist: Was chief scientist of the Volcani Institute, the Agricultural Research center of the Extension Department. He will oversee the coordination and supervision of all the project’s scientific work and experiments. He is also a contact person for Hebrew University and the Agricultural Extension Department of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Arieh O’Sullivan: A member and resident of Moshav Li-On, is making the arrangements to acquire the land for the experiment. He will oversee the business side of the non-profit, the experiment, and the accounts of the ranch. He will be consulting with the non-profit accountant. Arieh is the contact person for the local beef industry.

Yaron Saporta: An Israeli/American Non-Profit Accountant; He has joined the board and has been and will be a non-profit consultant and auditor for the project.

Oren Gabai is a naturalist and management consultant. He will help with management and negotiations. He will also monitor the environmental impact of the project and set environmental guidelines for the project. Oren’s experience with Israeli management and bureaucracy will be very valuable to the project.

Dr. Zwika Weinberg: a meat scientist of the Volcani Agriculture Center in Israel joined the project.