Israel Longhorn Project

Help bring Texas Longhorn Cattle home to Israel
A 501c (3) Non-Profit

For more information, contact:
Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc., (650) 631-9270

Standing Up For Israel’s Farmers

The Israel Longhorn Project is an educational and cattle crossbreeding improvement project helping Israel. Israel needs desert cattle that fit its desert environment; that breed of cattle is Texas longhorn.

  1. Longhorns can eat invasive shrubs and cacti (decreasing fire hazards)
  2. Longhorns have higher reproduction rates and very low loss rates
  3. Longhorns have excellent calving and mothering abilities
  4. Longhorns solve the problem of rising feed costs
  5. Longhorns protect their calves from predators
  6. Longhorns are highly resistant to diseases

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The Problems We Face

Israeli cattle producers are trying to improve their cattle’s adaptation to the environment but are failing. They started out with the best America cattle breeds that feed on grass year round, had no predator and little or no disease or parasite resistance and put them into a semi-desert, semi-tropic hostile environment where they did not fit and expected them to function as if they were in America. Learn more...

Help poor children of Israel who cannot afford meat for the holidays.

The first year we need $120,000 to start. The second year we will need $140,000. The following three years we will need $315,000 to make project self-supporting.

To do this “Mitzvah for Israel,” we need 12 of you to donate $50,000 each, Or 600 of you to donate $1000 each, Or 3000 of you to donate $200.00 each.

Our lack unity and support for Israel shows our enemies that we are weak. The stronger we are, the more we are respected!

A simple way of showing our strength and doing a big “Mitzvah for Israel,” is by helping The Israel Longhorn Project.

How We Will Help

The Israel Longhorn Project will be using 21st century cattle handling methods, called Stockmanship, and ecological grazing techniques, called Strategic Grazing. Both will be taught to ranchers. This will decrease meat from being damaged, turning into dark meat. Learn more...